The Bungay Medical Centre Charitable Trust / Scott Charity | Our Grants
The Bungay Medical Centre Charitable Trust provides grants for people in Bungay and nearby who have a medical need
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Our Grants

Who may apply for a grant?

Applications must be for health care or illness related issues.

Priority will be given to people living in Bungay and patients of the Bungay Medical Practice.

Priority will also be given to organisations that provide health care to individuals in the practice area (including the Bungay Medical Practice), or transport for patients attending the practice or local hospitals for treatment and follow up.

What are grants made for?

The trustees prefer applications for specific items, 
for example, stair lifts, specialist beds, and lifting equipment.

In special circumstances, the trustees will also consider helping with transport and accommodation costs for patients attending hospitals outside the area.

Grants are usually only given once, with a maximum grant of £5,000.

The main aim of the Charitable Trust is to provide funds for relief in sickness for people who live in Bungay, and patients of the Bungay Medical Practice who live in North Suffolk and South Norfolk.

Typical grants might include mobility aids, medical equipment, and travel and accommodation when people have to visit hospitals across the country.

The trustees are reluctant to give grants to cover on-going running costs, although in very exceptional circumstances they may do so.

The Charitable Trust does not give funds indirectly to other charities, for example, by sponsoring the fundraising efforts of individuals.

The Charitable Trust cannot provide grants for services or equipment that should be provided by the National Health Service or other organisations (for instance Social Services).